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Advances in "omics" have led to new discoveries in body care

Latest Research

The introduction of moisturizing body washes is one of the most significant changes to affect the personal care market. A key factor contributing to the ever-growing popularity of these products is that new scientific advances in body wash technology are being applied to offer significant and superior skincare benefits than what mild bar soap and basic body washers can offer users.

Advances in “omics” – such as genomics and proteomics – have enabled a deeper understanding of healthy skin appearance and stratum corneum barrier function at the molecular level. It has also enabled researchers to obtain in vivo molecular assessments of skin dryness, skin hydration and barrier function following the regular use of an advanced lipid-depositing body wash.

Recent research has been conducted to determine the impact of an advanced ultra-mild body wash containing dual lipids, specifically petrolatum and glyceryl monooleate, vs. alternative moisturizing body wash technology with glycinate surfactant and soybean oil emollient. One study found that the advanced ultra-mild body wash containing petrolatum and glyceryl monooleate delivered significant improvement in skin appearance and barrier function as determined by traditional skin moisturization measures (visible dryness, corneometer hydration, and TEWL). Clinical studies have also demonstrated that both rinse off and leave on formulations containing petrolatum and glyceryl monooleate significantly improved skin hydration and skin surface barrier function over control petrolatum-only body washes.

These findings led to the development of a patented body wash formulation that delivers visible and measurable moisturizing benefits without leaving a “coated” feel on skin. It does this by utilizing the new-to-the-category ingredient, glyceryl monooleate (or Pro-Glycerin), to better deliver moisture to dry skin and keep it there. Micellar molecules in regular body wash can penetrate and damage skin’s surface, but this breakthrough formulation contains larger surfactant micelles that gently lift dirt away from skin surface without stripping it. It locks in moisture 10 surface layers deep, while in a clinical study experts noticed dry skin improvement in 100% of women.

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